Mechanical Services

Our goal is to provide the best possible service and value for your money.

Full safety check which includes inspection of suspension, brakes, steering, lights, under carriage, exhaust, drive line, tyres, under bonnet, hoses, belts, all fluid levels (including gearbox and differential), replacement of engine oil and oil filter, check condition of air filter element and road test.



Every 12 months or 10,000 km (recommended by most car manufacturers and our oil supplier, Penrite).


$198 per hour, plus oil and filters used.

Vehicle manufacturers set out a maintenance schedule for each vehicle. They vary greatly as to what parts and fluids get replaced and when. Items such as spark plugs, fuel filters, transmission oils, brake fluid and cooling system fluid have replacement intervals that vary with each manufacturer. To follow these recommendations is important as the manufacturer has worked out that this is what is required to keep the vehicle running satisfactory and to prevent premature mechanical failure or wear.

We carry out logbook servicing as per the manufacturers schedule using genuine or generic parts of equal or better quality.

Servicing your vehicle while under warranty outside of the dealer does not void the vehicle warranty. In fact, it is illegal to suggest that this is not the case.

  • Does not void manufacturer’s warranty
  • Genuine, equal to or better quality parts used
  • As per manufacturers schedule
  • Quality workmanship
  • RACQ backed 6 Month/10000km Warranty


As per book's listings.


$198 per hour, plus oils and parts needed. Please contact us for a quote as part prices differ from model to model.

As an independent service center, we're not locked on price or manufacturer for our tyre suppliers. This means you can get a cheaper price from quality suppliers.




The cost of a set of tyres varies based on availability and size. Contact us today for a quote with your tyre size, as prices vary on a daily basis.

We source our brake's from the same supplier's as the vehicle's original manufacturer's. This means you get the same quality of brakes that shipped with your vehicle.


ATE Brakes
Bendix Brakes
Textar Brakes
TRW Brakes


The cost of brake pads and rotors vary from model to model. Please contact us with your car's registration number, for a quote today.

Remove thermostat (which controls water flow inside engines), flush water under pressure in a backward direction through engine and heater system, removing scale and build up. Test and replace. Replace thermostat if aged, refill with the correct balance of inhibitor and water (so as to limit electrolysis between dissimilar metals with high electrical currents running through a modern engine).


The cost of a cooling system flush varies from model to model. Please contact us with your car's registration number for a quote.

Front wheel alignment is an adjustment of the front steering to allow the front wheels to run parallel with each other, limiting uneven wear and to further tyre life. 4 wheel alignment includes the rear wheels to improve the tyre wear on the rear axle. This also removes a crabbing effect between the front and rear wheels that affects tyre wear.


Wheel alignment every 20,000 km, or with new tyres fitted, or recheck after a serious hit on the wheels.


2 wheel alignment $80
4 wheel alignment $130

We support fleet lease vehicles. Give us a call today to book in your vehicle if it belongs to Custom Fleet.

Prior to purchasing a vehicle, it's important to have an inspection completed to asses potential mechanical faults and likely future expenses required by the vehicle to maintain its roadworthiness. We can give you an honest assessment of the vehicle to help you make a smart purchasing decision.


$198 per vehicle minimum. This price varies based on logged electronic vehicle history and faults found.

Our Services

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